Tech Burro

Carrying the weight of your
Mobile Device Insurance program

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TechBurro™ - The most advanced total management
system available for mobile device insurance

>50% increase in program profitability

45 million records and growing

8 countries today

Processes 400k claims per year

Totally automated sales & claims

Ultimate flexibility and integration

We have worked with mobile device insurance in over 30 countries across 5 continents.

Tech Burro

Designed and built by Virtual Systems, a division of EIP Limited, a team of subject-matter experts with almost 20 years each in the mobile device insurance market have created TechBurro™, the most advanced and feature-rich software platform available for the management of your mobile device insurance program. From its conception in 2009 to its continuous evolution today, TechBurro™ automates over 95% of normally manual backoffice processes, as well as providing you with a unique one-to-one sales channel directly to your end-users.

By significantly reducing the headcount needed for management of sales, billing and claims, and by much more accurately monitoring and reconciling claims costs, TechBurro™ immediately shows commercial benefits that are simply not available through traditional operational structures for this type of insurance.

Whether you have insurance customers in a single country or multiple territories, TechBurro™ is designed to centralise, simplify and automate the control and management of these complex programs to massively reduce your resource costs and enhance the customer journey.

This revolutionary software can also be made available as a fully white-labelled option, using your own corporate branding.




“Vodafone have been using TechBurro™ for over 5 years and it is now operational in many local markets offering device insurance. The comprehensive functionality and intelligent automation have enabled us to streamline our device insurance management and operations, leading to significantly improved customer experience and materially reduced management costs.”

Phil Clark, Group Head of Insurance, Vodafone

Dixons Carphone Connected World Services

“Connected World Services uses TechBurro™ in several countries to support our corporate client relationships on mobile device insurance. This unique software platform has allowed us to simplify our account management and reduce our business costs whilst providing our customers with a comprehensive and tailored solution.”

Theo de Jong, Chief Executive, Connected World Services

The Management Team

With a team experienced in working with mobile device insurance in over 30 countries, TechBurro presents market leading experts to upgrade your MDI program. Each of the senior team members below has over 18 years’ experience working solely with mobile device insurance.


Ross Sinclair
Chief Executive


Bernice Woolley
Managing Director


Ed Hemburrow
Chief Operations Officer


Keiron Dempsey
IT Director/CTO


Simon Moore
Assoc. Director
of Operations


David Mitchell Dawson
Lead Business Analyst

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